Treating Neck and Back Pain with Acupuncture
About Acupuncture Immune Boost Immune Boost News Sports Injury / April 23, 2017
Meet Alexandra.  She’s our newest staff member, and already well esteemed by our patients.  Each Acupuncturist brings their own uniqueness to Acupuncture Remedies.  With Alexandra, she brings a wealth of know-how in trigger point Acupuncture treatment.  For those who are unfamiliar, here is Alexandra’s explanation and her first blog with us.  Welcome! Most of you...
Acupuncture and Treating psycho-emotional disorders
About Acupuncture Fertility forgiving News / March 18, 2017
Even though Spring just around the corner, with the recent blizzard and unseasonably cold weather we’ve been experiencing, it’s not unusual to feel those “winter blues”. However, some people suffer from anxiety, depression, insomnia and other psycho-emotional disorders year-round. Whether you want to avoid medication, are thinking about tapering down, or are looking for complementary...
The Parent Collective (Guest Blogger) : How a baby support group can work for you
About Acupuncture Immune Boost News Reproductive Health Testimonials Welcome / February 20, 2017
The Parent Collective
From time to time, I choose to use a guest from my health network to post on my monthly blog.  For those who don’t already know this, I  work with a web of health providers and care takers, all of which are professionals I’m happy to refer to because either 1) I had a great...
New Years 2017- Healthy Habits
About Acupuncture Digestion Immune Boost / January 5, 2017
“I’m going to eat healthier in 2017!” Does this sound familiar to you? For many of us, it does. Unfortunately, the statistics tell us that most people attempting similar New Year’s resolutions give up – after only TWO days of trying! Why do we make these food resolutions and not keep them? We all want to...
Holidays and Overeating
About Acupuncture Welcome / December 26, 2016
No matter which holiday(s) you celebrate this season, the widespread amount of food, spirits and cheer is hard to miss.  Most people in my sphere, whether friends, family or patients tend to indulge a little, or a lot between Thanksgiving and New Years.  There’s no crime in it.  You’ve got to live a little right?...